Story of Bricolaureate

People said to me, "You have such good ideas, I wish we/my company/my boss would ask you what you would do with this problem." At the same time, I was having my own ideas about improvements that organizations/ business/ government could make that would create better relationships.  So I decided to create Bricolaureate as a place that individuals and organizations could come for good ideas to solve the problem at hand.  One friend, liking the idea, wanted me to call it "Brain-for-hire".  

"What kind of problem?"  Anything and everything. Looking at your website to see how it might be perceived by your prospective client/customer,  a new product for your line, a new process or mechanism for getting something done, or remedies to those frustrations your clients  or employees are experiencing. . . You name it!

"Why me?"  In every position I have held, whether it was in non-profit, for profit, or government agencies, I have been recognized as a go-to person for solving problems.  Call it creative, design-minded, advocate, I have the sort of mind that sees patterns and discovers unique solutions.  And I love to put it to use.  In fact, my Masters Thesis is entitled "What We Think We Know. . . As Something Else: Intentional Multi-Paradigmatic Problem Solving".  Yes, I even earned a Masters Degree in problem solving!

"Why you?"  Because you want the relationship with your colleagues or customers/clients to improve or because you're feeling stuck in the search for solutions and sometimes an outside eye/brain helps. Check out the Bricometer on our home page to help you clarify your problem and determine if Bricolaureate can help.

Now when people say they wish their company could hire me, they are happy to hear they can do just that. Additionally, Bricolaureate is producing and marketing its own products. 

Bricolaureate is an exciting opportunity.  I hope you will invite Bricolaureate to help you solve your problems.