Out in the World

  • Bricolaureate launched its app/web/mobile site review program.  Get a BricoWebView or BricoAppView subscription or a BricoShot to receive reports and recommendations regarding access/use of your site. Use the "contact us" page to inquire.
  • A landscape architect asked Bricolaureate to help develop her brand, because she wanted potential clients to have a "feel" before they ever met. In a subsequent project, Bricolaureate helped her change her internal process efficiencies so she could spend more time with the clients she loved, and less time on paperwork.
  • A direct-selling company utilized training modules Bricolaureate developed for their new consultants
  • An individual asked Bricolaureate for a fun and apropos theme for 40th birthday party.
  • An education IT department asked Bricolaureate for ways they might be able to develop/utilize apps with their existing resources.
  • A director of a health care organization asked Bricolaureate for suggestions to make her employee/volunteer recognition more fun and meaningful.
  • Launched a new product line called The Uroll.  The Uroll is a versatile, flexible, and lightweight way to carry groups of things.  Camping utensils, art supplies...if you want to keep things together and carry them with you, think The Uroll!

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