In Development

  • Bricolaureate is designing and bringing to market a transportation-related product and is currently looking for a manufacturer to do a small quantity initial run for testing.

  • Bricolaureate's website is in development.  Feel free to comment.
  • A personal trainer has asked Bricolaureate to help her improve her clients' experience of her services as well as her accessibility to a broader audience by designing an App for her trademarked workouts.

  • Bricolaureate is designing a salon-style community engagement series.
  • A toy that promotes intelligence in girls (and boys) is in development and is looking for a home.  If you know someone looking to bring a cool toy to market, please let us know.
  • A multi-use design is in development and needs a fabric printer and a fabric assembler.  If you are or know one of these, please let us know. (update: assembler found..still looking at printing options.)
  • Your challenge could be here!